Thootha Pooram – Processions of Real Tuskers and Stylized Bulls 01/06/2019

Thootha Pooram – Processions of Real Tuskers and Stylized Bulls

Festivals are the true pride and joy of God’s Own Country. With the thunderous beats of traditional percussion instruments and the mighty march of highly decked tuskers, the people of Kerala celebrate the traditions passed down by their ancestors. One such tradition is Thootha Pooram.

Sree Thootha Bhagavathy temple situated on the banks of the picturesque Thootha celebrates Thootha Pooram annually. The temple located in Palakkad is one of the most popular Bhadrakali temples in Kerala.

The Pooram displays the great heritage of Malabar. During the festival season, the temple ground bears witness to dynamic percussion music that comprises Panchavadyam, Pancharimelam and Pandimelam. Along with this, one gets to see the caparisoned elephants, atop which men stand bearing muthukkudas (sequined, glittering umbrellas) and venchamarams (white whisks).

A unique part of Thootha Pooram is Kaala Vela. It is a procession of decorated models of bulls. Many visit the temple during the festival season to witness this exceptional ritual.

Thootha Pooram personifies the spirit and essence of Malabar. Never miss a chance to experience this fiesta of Kerala, as it will leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.